We’re closing the BABB ICO portal on 2nd July 2020


We’re closing our ICO portal, so if you are still holding BAX in the ICO portal, you’ll need to move or withdraw the BAX to avoid problems to access your tokens in the future.

We won’t support the ICO portal from the 2nd of July 2020, and requesting to transfer after this needs manual work which will cost you a £10 fee.

We’re setting out two options below for you to quickly and easily withdraw your BAX tokens from the portal — either to the BABB app or to an ERC-20 compatible wallet.

Download the BABB app

The BABB app is now available in 169 countries 🌍 and you can find it on AppStore and Google Play.

Option 1: Moving your BAX to the BABB App 📲

If you have an Android or iPhone, creating an account with the BABB App is quick and easy!

You can earn with BABB

If you move your tokens to the BABB App wallet, you can also take advantage of our Referral Program and earn additional BAX! This feature is live on Android and coming soon to iOS.

If you use the BABB app, you can earn additional BAX by sharing your code with friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours.

You can earn up to 45,005 BAX for everyone that signs up using your code, as well as a monthly reward of 650 BAX for up to a year after your friend activates their account!

Did you know that BAX is highly liquid in the BABB App? 🧐🧐

You can exchange BAX to ETH or BTC, and even cash out to FIAT into your bank account in supported countries 🌍.

How to withdraw BAX from the ICO Portal 💰

To send BAX to your wallet, please log in to your BABB account.

  1. Click the “Withdraw BAX” button on your dashboard.
  2. Enter your wallet address, and click “Withdraw”.
  3. Carefully read and confirm the withdrawal.
  4. Check your email for an authorisation email, and click the button in the email to authorise the withdrawal.
  5. You’re done! Easy!

Option 2: Transferring BAX to an ERC-20 wallet 💼

The BABB app is live in many countries around the world, with a few exceptions. If you live somewhere not supported, we’re sorry that you can’t use the BABB app and you’ll need to transfer your BAX to an ERC-20 compatible wallet of your choice.

To withdraw your tokens, you need to log in to your BABB account and send them to your ERC20-compatible wallet. You’ll need to prep your wallet to receive BAX, and we’ll cover how to it.

Adding a custom token to MEW

We recommend using MyEtherWallet (MEW).

To add BAX to your wallet, you can find all the information you need here: https://etherscan.io/token/0x9a0242b7a33dacbe40edb927834f96eb39f8fbcb

  1. Copy the BAX contract address.

2. Go to https://myetherwallet.com and click the “+ Custom Tokens” button on the right sidebar.

3. Paste 0x9a0242b7a33dacbe40edb927834f96eb39f8fbcb into the contract address field, enter “BAX” for the token symbol field and “18” for the decimals field, and click “save”.

Once you’ve saved BAX as a custom token, your wallet is ready to receive BAX!

Thank you so much for joining our exciting journey since the ICO.

We can’t wait to see you on the BABB app, and if you have questions, we’re listening!

The BABB Team ❤️💙

For press and media enquiries, or to find out how BABB can help you to fundraise during this time, please send an email to hello@getbabb.com or download the app and start your own fundraiser at getbabb.com.



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