We are moving away from Fundraising. But wait, there is more…

London, United Kingdom. April 20th, 2020.

Our first steps. 🏁

When we launched our beta version of the Babb app back in 2020, we were extremely excited to be able to take our first steps towards our mission of bringing financial services to those who need them the most.

Amid the global pandemic, the fundraising feature of the app seemed to have come at the perfect time, and during the first months, we were able to help great causes such as Mary’s meals and CryptoAM’s fundraising project. Working from home was “the new way of doing business” and our team was working effortlessly to help as many causes as we could. The results were astonishing:

Using crypto to help raise money for worthy causes helped us develop a platform that is safe, effective, and reliable, but we soon realised that a fundraising platform requires a dedicated team to help bring real value to those who make use of it, and that is why we decided to make the strategic decision to halt further development on fundraising and start working towards the next banking features. Now, this doesn’t mean we will stop the fundraising feature entirely, but we will, however, press the pause button on it at least for the near future.

“Since the pandemic, we have faced many challenges as a company, but the team has been doing a fantastic job despite the recent events. I have no doubt that for this new journey we have the talent and the passion to make it happen. Very exciting times ahead!”

— Rushd Averroes, CEO & Founder.

What’s coming? 🧐

For the past few months, we have been working towards the stability of the platform and the efficiency of the app. Thanks to all our user’s feedback we keep improving our product every day.

So, what’s going to happen now that we won’t be focusing on fundraising? Our team have been relentlessly working on the new features of the app, and we are making sure these will be ready as soon as possible. We will be concentrating our efforts towards the following features: P2P payments and Multi-tokenised FIAT. It’s very exciting to think that we will be putting all of our efforts towards the new banking features and that we are making steady progress towards our goals.

New Babb App design concept

We have been teasing this new slick design for some time now but hasn’t been implemented due to the upcoming changes to the app. We wanted to make sure the platform’s stability is at the highest standard before making any major changes to the look and feel of the Babb App.

New to the Babb family? The Babb App now available for both iOS & Android

What are the next steps to follow? 👣

In preparation towards the development of new features of the app, we will be halting all current live campaigns, this means all users will have a timeframe of 30 days counting from today (20th of April 2021) to allow their campaigns to end. Don’t worry, this will be an automated process but wanted to give you the heads-up.

If you happen to have any questions regarding your existing campaign, feel free to get in touch with our support team at support@getbabb.com, they will be more than happy to assist you.

The future looks thrilling, and we are very looking forward to it! For the next quarter we will be working on some cool things we would like to share with you:

  • We will be testing our new services, as well as improve the conversion facility.✅
  • The app size will be compacted (so we keep the app as effective as we can for users with old generation smartphones).✅
  • We will be phasing out the Fundraising section and make a few design changes to the app.✅
  • We will be adding Multi-tokenised wallets.✅
  • We will be testing the integration of tokenised FIAT to Blockchain (ERC-20, Solana, Algorand, Stellar, etc).✅

For any questions regarding your campaign, please email support@getbabb.com — our support team will be more than happy to help you.



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