The Babb Platform Gets a Crucial Update to Mark the Start of the New Era.


In the latest sprint, Babb’s focus was to integrate the long-awaited Currency X™ wallet into the app and introduce USDx to join GBPx and RIALx in the Currency X™ stablecoin family. The new wallet section marks the beginning of a new era for Babb (Babb 2.0) and sets the scene for exciting new reveals to come in 2023. In this sprint, we’ve also improved some UI/UX processes like registration for newcomers that will ensure better functionality and a smoother user journey from start to end. We also gave our security measures an upgrade to further make our vision of becoming the first so-called CeDeFi or Centralised and Decentralised Finance banking services platform out there. A hybrid mix between the modern and the traditional.

Currency X™ got its own wallet section.

USDx joins the X family.

GBPx/BAX; what a pair!

As you may recall, GBPx was released earlier this year with GBPx/RIALxS, and was tested and utilised as part of the remittance flow.

Bank top up and card top up are now both available for GBPx, USDx and BAX.

To increase functionality and widen our tokens’ capability on the app, bank top up is now enabled for GBPx, USDx, as well as BAX for all users in all supported countries.

To a safer and smoother onboarding experience.

The sprint 3 app updates considered some major UI and UX fixes in the onboarding process on the app.

Bug fixes.

For sprint 3, we’ve included some minor bug fixes that users experienced in previous versions of the app.

What to expect in the upcoming sprint.

Now, what’s in store for the next sprint? Well, naturally we have new Currency X™ additions (as promised). You’ll also see further improvements in user interface and user experience that are aimed at prepping the scene for the Babb UK banking product.



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