and BABB join forces to help the vulnerable around Canary Wharf/Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs, East London HQ to many of the world’s largest financial services companies.
BABB Crypto Fundraising Feature

“One of the most important potential byproducts of the COVID-19 crisis will be the rebuilding of community spirit which has long been fading.

“By sharing [these stories] I hope that others can rediscover their community spirit.”

“We’re building a blockchain banking services platform that lowers barriers for the un-and-underbanked and has for-good at it’s core. Corporate Social Responsibility isn’t just a bolt-on or a nice-to-have.

“BABB took the brave decision to temporarily pause the development of some features and drop the glossy product launch in favour of getting the fundraising features out to those who need it now.

This is a great example use-case of the global Crypto/Blockchain community being able to support a local cause.”

- David Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer, BABB.



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