and BABB join forces to help the vulnerable around Canary Wharf/Isle of Dogs

3 min readMar 31, 2020

London, United Kingdom. March 31st, 2020.

Isle of Dogs, East London HQ to many of the world’s largest financial services companies. and BABB [Bank Account Based Blockchain] have joined forces to help the vulnerable around Canary Wharf & the Isle of Dogs, East London. At time of publishing, the campaign has already raised funds to provide up to 500 meals for locals in need of support.

During a conversation with Sister Christing Frost MBE, a religious sister living and working in Poplar, CryptoAM’s Crypto Insider James Bowater discovered that many elderly people have fallen out of the care system and are going hungry.

As an on-and-off Isle of Dogs resident for 36 years, James decided it was time to take action. Consequently, James decided to use the power of Fintech for good and listed a fundraiser on the BABB platform.

Over the years, many aspects of Canary Wharf has encroached on local life for residents who lived in the area before it was anything more than a development concept. By teaming up with local organisations, BABB hopes to help the local community within which we are based.

BABB Crypto Fundraising Feature

Last week, James wrote:

“One of the most important potential byproducts of the COVID-19 crisis will be the rebuilding of community spirit which has long been fading.

“By sharing [these stories] I hope that others can rediscover their community spirit.”

BABB’s native Cryptocurrency utility token (BAX) is the lifeblood of the system and makes transactions (peer-to-peer transfers, donations) borderless. Moreover, it facilitates even the smallest of transfers and donations which is essential when people want to support a cause, but it is otherwise too expensive to do so, or are charged donor fees for using other platforms.

The BABB team is working closely with James on this project to ensure easy, regular access to the crypto funds donated, converting into fiat currency — getting more funds to where they are needed most. Further to our announcement last week, BABB is also waiving cash-out fees for COVID-19 fundraisers.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are a mystery to many, but we’re on a mission to show those who aren’t familiar with this world just what a difference it can make. Traditional networks are currently overwhelmed and unable to support demand — that’s where BABB comes in.

This platform isn’t just for those who know how to place bids and buy tokens on an Exchange. Once downloaded, users can top-up their wallet (account) directly from their credit or debit card. They can then donate those tokens directly to the causes they wish to support; without having to pay a fee whether the cause they are supporting is domestic, or overseas.

“We’re building a blockchain banking services platform that lowers barriers for the un-and-underbanked and has for-good at it’s core. Corporate Social Responsibility isn’t just a bolt-on or a nice-to-have.

“BABB took the brave decision to temporarily pause the development of some features and drop the glossy product launch in favour of getting the fundraising features out to those who need it now.

This is a great example use-case of the global Crypto/Blockchain community being able to support a local cause.”

- David Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer, BABB.

By using a combination of Blockchain and Databases, BABB is able to avoid using traditional banking networks and 3rd parties, meaning that operational costs are almost eliminated.

Team BABB proudly kickstarted donations and has already provided the campaign with the funds to provide up to 500 meals to the vulnerable in and around Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs — it’s our home too and we want to help when we can.

Download and Donate what you can today:

Stay safe.


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For press and media enquiries, or to find out how BABB can help you/your organisation/project to fundraise during this time, please send an email to: or download the app and start your own fundraiser at




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