BABB pre-sale OPEN: How to buy BAX

A complete guide to participating in the BABB pre-sale

The BABB token pre-sale goes live at 12pm GMT, Monday 15 January.

If you are registered to take part in the BABB pre-sale — congratulations!

This blog post will outline everything you need to know in order to safely and successfully buy BAX tokens in the BABB pre-sale.

Only ETH transfers are covered, as we’re accepting only ETH for the first 48 hours of the pre-sale. We’ll release more info about buying BAX via wire transfer if there are tokens remaining at 12pm GMT, Wednesday 17 January.

1. Log in to your account

Go to and log in using the email address and password you used to register.

2. Accept the Terms of Service

You will need to read and accept our Terms of Service before continuing. Boring, yes, but please read them thoroughly for your own protection.

3. Find the ETH address

An ETH address will appear on your dashboard when the pre-sale opens. This is your unique participation address and it’s personal to you.

***IMPORTANT: Please do not send ETH to any address other than the one on your dashboard at (check the URL)— we’ll never publish an ETH address on our social media accounts, in emails, or as part of any other communications.***

4. Send ETH from your preferred wallet or exchange

You can send ETH from any wallet or exchange which allows you to set a Gas limit. Enter your unique ETH address and the amount of ETH you want to send.

Remember, the maximum contribution for the first 24 hours of the pre-sale is 10 ETH. The cap will be lifted or increased if there are tokens remaining at 12pm GMT, Tuesday 16 January.

We recommend you set the Gas limit to 50,000 and the Gas price to something sensible, depending on the network conditions. We recommend you use to determine the Gas price. Given the latest network activity, we estimate 50 Gwei should be good for a fast transfer.

5. Look out for your confirmation email

You will get an email confirmation from, once we have received your ETH transfer. Please check your spam/junk folder if you can’t see the email.

You can confirm your participation by logging into your account on and checking your BAX balance. You can track your ETH transaction by entering the transaction ID on

Your BAX tokens will be available for withdrawal within 15 days of the main token sale closing, at which time you will be able to send to a wallet of your choice.

6. Track our progress!

You can track the progress of the pre-sale by checking the gauge on the homepage of our site, which should be updated every few minutes.

It won’t look this empty for long!

7. Join our Telegram community

Come and get excited with our genuine, enthusiastic community on Telegram: No Lamborghinis or “1000x” here, just a decent bunch of people interested in our project and our token sale. Please trust the pinned message there, and the answers give by anyone with the ‘admin’ tag.

If you have any questions or concerns during the course of the pre-sale or afterwards, please email or drop us a message in the Telegram community.




Babb aims to deliver accessible, secure, convenient and cost-effective mobile banking services designed to serve the global microeconomy —

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Babb aims to deliver accessible, secure, convenient and cost-effective mobile banking services designed to serve the global microeconomy —

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