BABB adds Fiat top-up, opens on Google Play Store & waives fees for COVID-19 fundraisers.

London, United Kingdom. March 24th, 2020.

At BABB, we differentiate ourselves from traditional financial service institutions in many different ways. Some of which we talk about, others we haven’t had reason to, until now.

With COVID-19 having developed into a global pandemic, we have been able to prove our ability to adapt and overcome unique business challenges more dynamically than most traditional and non-traditional counterparts.

Our continuity plans and operational set-up have meant we, as a company, have not been significantly impacted. In fact, we’ve been able to advance the development and deployment of the BABB Platform, rather than delay.

BABB quickly formed what we’re calling a Quaranteam — all non-essential travel was postponed, face-to-face meetings were adjusted to video-calls and any regular meetings were scheduled as calls. Consequently, we’ve been able to spend more time focused on product delivery.

FinTech companies across the world wax lyrical about being flexible and dynamic; now was BABB’s opportunity to demonstrate that capacity — BABB CTO, Grant Van Wyk.

Adding Fiat top-up

BABB is on a mission to lower barriers to financial inclusion and make it easier to transact in Cryptocurrencies — we also believe that payments, like social relationships, should be borderless; so we’re building a global community.

BABB adds Fiat top-up for Crypto wallets.

It’s during times like these that people need to be able to reduce friction in their lives wherever possible, which is something we are able to assist with.

Having carried out extensive internal user and security testing we are satisfied that the platform is not only stable but secure, too.

Today we are opening the Top-up (buy BAX) function to everyone on both iOS and Android Beta versions who have verified (passed KYC) their user profile.

Not only does this reduce the significant pain of having to go to an exchange to top up BAX wallets, but it also makes the world of crypto more accessible to everybody.

Customers who didn’t previously own BAX tokens and aren’t familiar with exchanges/trading platforms can now buy BAX directly from their credit/debit card to use on the BABB platform. It also makes converting across BTC/ETH and BAX easier than it has ever been.

Listing on Google Play Store

Since February 2020 we have invited more than 13,000 people to participate in our Beta. Until now, to protect our ecosystem and more importantly, our customers, onboarding has been restricted to those who sign up for the Beta waiting list.

BABB Platform now listed on Google Play

We are pleased to announce that the BABB Platform is now available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded on Android devices in 47 countries.

Ordinarily, we would have celebrated achieving such a major milestone but will save any celebrations for a later date — we’ve got work to do.

During the initial controlled testing phase, Beta customers from all over the world have already raised and donated millions of BAX in support of worthy causes. Moreover, they have also converted and remitted tokens with ease to friends and family across different continents.

The iOS version is undergoing approval in the App Store and we hope to make this available to you very soon — stay tuned.

We have additional feature releases in the final stages of testing, but it is imperative to get the product out to start helping the global community.

Our customers will soon also be able to make seamless withdrawals and send Fiat out to bank accounts, too.

We are very happy that we can release at the very time that this service is needed the most across the world. This is exactly what we have built the technology for; to help move funds around seamlessly, and where it is most needed.

BABB is launching to the public with a humble offering, but we certainly hope that it will be more than enough to encourage people around the world to connect and foster a sense of global community to support each other in these challenging times. I hope that this marks the beginning of companies using tech to create more social impact.

We still have work to do as we continue to develop the Platform, but by listing on Google Play, we are able to open up to help more people get assets to where they are needed most — Joy Braun, Chief Strategy Officer & Deputy CEO.

Waiving cash-out fees for COVID-19 fundraisers

Not unique to financial services, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an add-on for many firms, but at BABB we’re a tech-for-good company; it’s at the heart of everything we do.

BABB has tech-for-good at our core

Tough times are usually a precursor to great things and new beginnings, but that doesn’t mean people have to suffer alone.

BABB is focused on social, as well as financial, inclusion. Many governments are imposing COVID-19 control measures (social distancing, lock-down) but that shouldn’t interrupt fundraising efforts.

With the BABB platform, you can fundraise directly from your mobile phone and donors can donate directly from theirs, whether they live next door or on a different continent, at no additional cost.


· The organisation/project that funds are being raised for must specifically be supporting those most affected by COVID-19.

· Campaigners must have proof of authorisation that they are eligible to raise on behalf of the organisation/project.

To get started, download the app on Google Play Store or sign-up for the iOS version at and we will send you a link. Once you’ve verified your account and passed KYC, you’ll be able to create a campaign and start raising funds in seconds.

By using the BABB platform you are able to stay connected digitally (and financially) with friends and family across the world; getting funds to where they are needed most — here’s to building a globally connected community.

Stay safe.


For press and media enquiries, or to find out how BABB can help you/your organisation/project to fundraise during this time, please send an email to:

NOTE: BABB reserves the right to decline fundraisers that do not comply with our T&Cs or Terms of Use.

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